New York City Tips. Chapter 1.

I have been living in NYC for almost three years now. Like many New Yorkers, I am willing to share my city hacks. These will be shorter posts with a few words of of advice for the traveler or new residents. There is no order--the numbering is just to provide a monotonically increasing reference or index.

  1. Unless all subway cars are empty, an empty subway car is not your lucky day. It is empty for a reason. Follow the crowd. In general, subway cars distribute passengers fairly well and it's unusual for one to be overloaded while there are others mostly empty.
  2. The best public restrooms and seating areas are in hotels. High end boutique hotels have great lounge areas and facilities and will be much more enjoyable than a Starbucks.
  3. The line at Whole Foods moves faster than Trader Joes. But you pay for it.
  4. Best Buy iPhone docks are emergency charging stations.
  5. Rush hour isn't bad if you're the first one to exit the train up the stairs in the station. Learn where your exit is and stand by the appropriate door accordingly.
  6. Always carry a Kindle. They're slim, cheap, the batteries last forever, and when the subway stops you'll be glad you did.
  7. Always carry headphones. When someone starts shouting while the train is stopped, you'll be glad you did.
  8. There aren't any good restaurants between 34th St and 50th St. Avoid accordingly.
  9. The MOMA is free on Fridays. The Met can be free if you want.
  10. Always order the cheese pizza. It's the freshest one, and also, the cheapest.